Our Beginnings

We know what it feels like to start with an idea. In 1930, Clyde Baughman founded Baughman and wanted a company that made a difference. He had the idea to create an honest, reliable business that would change things. He wanted to create a better space for his family to grow in. When Clyde planted his company’s roots in Wichita, he had bigger ambitions than to simply become successful. Clyde valued service from the beginning, and that’s what gives Baughman a truly local name.

Austin Gottlob

Director of residential development

Austin Gottlob Austin Gottlob

Trevor Wooten

Director of commercial development

Trevor Wooten Trevor Wooten

Trevor Kurth

Director of water resources engineering

Trevor Kurth Trevor Kurth

Brent Wooten


Brent Wooten Brent Wooten

Russ Ewy

planning consultant

Russ Ewy Russ Ewy

Preston A. Stewart

Director of land surveying services

Preston A. Stewart Preston A. Stewart

Philip J. Meyer

Vice president, director of planning

Philip J. Meyer Philip J. Meyer

Patrick S. Baer

Project engineer

Patrick S. Baer Patrick S. Baer

Michael G. Conrey

Professional land surveyor

Michael G. Conrey Michael G. Conrey

Today, We Set Your Goals

We know the importance of checklists, to-do lists, goals, and emails, but we also know the importance of shaking hands. We want to meet with you. We want to take your ideas and show you their potential. We want you to explore your city and know that it was built safely, economically, and with you in mind. We don’t want your roads to be difficult to travel or your empty lots to stay empty. When we see weeds, we plan change for flowers. When we see floods, we plan for a safer environment. When we see your city working the way it should, we feel at peace.

We were founded on personable service and safety, and we make that a priority every single day.

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