Landscape ArchitectureCreating Better-Built Environments

At Baughman, we do not just plan the perfect landscape; we create a better-built environment to experience. We strive to create self-sustaining design solutions that look beautiful and improve each environment. Baughman works with a wide variety of clientele and project scopes to transform outdoor spaces into memorable spaces for the community.

How We Can Help

  • Our Expertise

    • Bike and Pedestrian Path
    • Landscape Planting and Irrigation Plans
    • Parks
    • Streetscape Beautification
    • Sales Map
  • Our Approach

    Baughman’s landscape architects are energized by creating new solutions to solve old problems. We seek to enliven, heal and inspire the space in which you live, work and play. We strive to design a space that connects communities and builds relationships with natural settings.

Partner With Us

Baughman is passionate about taking your ideas and showing you their potential. Please contact us at (316) 262-7271 to discuss your project!