MunicipalEstablishing Vital Infrastructure

With expertise in municipal engineering, Baughman provides comfort that when it rains, the streets are able to drain properly; when you move into a new home, you have clean water; when you are in a public facility, the sewer system works. We are designers for the underground utility system that allows for your city’s future growth and progress.

How We Can Help

The Baughman municipal engineering team designs and reconstructs public infrastructure, including sanitary sewer mains and laterals, water main systems, stormwater drain systems and public and private utility services.

  • Our Expertise

    • Public and Private Utility Services
    • Sanitary Sewer Mains and Laterals
    • Stormwater Drain Systems 
    • Water Main Systems
  • Our Approach

    As a partner to the municipality’s Public Works department, we work with you to help achieve your infrastructure goals by designing to meet the needs and protect the system. We observe and analyze utility complications, design to avoid construction conflicts and create realistic solutions to enhance each living environment. When we do our job right, you never knew we were there in the first place.

Partner With Us

Baughman is passionate about taking your ideas and showing you their potential. Please contact us at (316) 262-7271 to discuss your project!