PlanningRedefine What Is Possible

Baughman does not see problems in land planning; we see potential.  We get excited about assessing your current policies and advising you on what type of change your community can anticipate over the coming decades.  Give us a challenge, and we will uncover a new opportunity for your site-specific development project or community-wide plans.

How We Can Help

  • Our Expertise

    • Community Comprehensive Plans
    • Community Development Regulations
    • Land Plans
    • Subdivision Design
    • Zoning Advocacy
  • Our Approach

    We analyze your current development plans, policies, and regulations to create the best path forward for your community.  Our planning team excels at engaging the public and forming partnerships with community leaders to navigate your jurisdiction’s complex issues.  We strive to equip your citizens with the tools necessary to bring the collective vision of the future into focus.

Partner With Us

Baughman is passionate about taking your ideas and showing you their potential. Please contact us at (316) 262-7271 to discuss your project!