TransportationEnsuring Safe and Efficient Travel

The design of getting people from here to there. But it is so much more than that. How does your transportation project mesh with the surrounding community? How do you incorporate life into a transportation project? How do you utilize new technology correctly? How do you increase safety for the people that use your infrastructure? That is where our transportation team comes in.

How We Can Help

  • Our Expertise

    • Intersection Design
    • Roadway Design
    • Corridor Design
  • Our Approach

    Each project is designed for safety, efficiency and durability. Safety of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians is considered in each project. We design the roadway, so water drains properly in order to avoid disrupting travel and deteriorating the pavement.

Partner With Us

Baughman is passionate about taking your ideas and showing you their potential. Please contact us at (316) 262-7271 to discuss your project!